Team News May 3, 2024

New Beginnings: The DelRose McShane Team Joins Coldwell Banker In Belmont

By Mike DelRose Jr.


Since 1987, the year I was born for people that enjoy math, our Team has held it’s license with a big balloon. A great brand with great people. It was a difficult decision to leave and and certainly bittersweet. We want to thank everyone that we had the privilege to work with. We’re sad in many respects but also very excited for the future.

New Coldwell Banker brokerage logo for the team

New brokerage logo for the DelRose McShane Team, who has joined Coldwell Banker Realty in Belmont, MA.

New Tools & Resources

The truth about about real estate brands, at least in My opinion, is that they play much less of an impact with the client compared to the agent, and our clients rarely think about those brands during our working relationship. It’s all about their agent. That is, until we joined Coldwell Banker Realty, where it became very evident as to why our office is number 1 in market share in both Belmont and Watertown. While there were many reasons for our move, the most positive without a doubt has been the new tools and resources we have that directly benefit our clients. With three new listings coming on in our first week, our clients were delighted to receive a report on all the activity going on with their home, from video and quality brochures to advertising campaigns.

New Team Listings For The Weekend of May 4th, 2024! 

Other than an overhaul of our business process, new business cards and change of branding, nothing else has changed much. The team is who we have always been, and we still have a home at our Watertown office, even though we’ll be hanging out in the Belmont location.

So bare with us as we continue to build out our new web assets. The next goal is to get our blog up and running in full force. We have a lot of content planned, and a couple of communities to promote!