Team News May 11, 2024

Pardon Our Appearance

By Mike DelRose Jr.

Our Site is Under Construction

Great things Are Coming

When an agent or real estate team switches brokerages, it’s said that as a business you may fall 6 months behind as you catch up with rebranding, paperwork, building out systems, and other activities that generally take up a lot of time. That really hasn’t been the case here, largely due to Coldwell Banker’s superb onboarding teams. Team members are also seeing a lot of activity out there. Despite NAR and MLS lawsuits, interest rate hikes, and a presidential election coming up, the market has not slowed down one bit. We’re happy with the state of things, but we do have to take some time to ramp up.


As we get acclimated to Coldwell’s systems and programs geared toward helping our clients, Mike Simoni, Bobby, and I are working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring some great perks to the forefront.

Since starting anew, I have been scrambling to build a website that offers better utility to our clients. While a lot of features are up and running, like our booking service and RealScout, our collaborative search platform, I still want to do some serious renovations that visitors will find helpful. I’m thinking about featuring specific neighborhoods, contractor lists for our clients, utility information for the area, and other important tidbits that bring value to the site.


While we’re on the topic of utility and collaboration. Meet RealScout, our new home buyer listing search tool. Create an account after launching the application from the home page, or have your team member sign you up to get started. Paired with a sleek mobile app, the platform allows home buyers to receive alerts that are based on their activity on the search itself, with an easy comparison feature between listings. Letting your team member know you’re interested in a house is only a tap away, with push notification and text messaging to boot. Additionally, the What’s My Home Worth? compares your owned property with automated valuation models (AVMs) online so you can see how different sites value the home. So there’s something for everyone here.

RealScout App Store Links

RealScout App Store Links: iOS & Android

Mike’s Musings

The ‘Real Estate Is Ridiculous‘ podcast was short-lived and a lot of fun. We’d like to get back to it. While we never expected a lot of listeners, the podcast, albeit a lower quality production, was entertaining and we had some amazing guests that dropped a lot of fantastic information and insight. I blame our children for this as the three of us each had a couple of them over the last few years. As we hit our stride we aim to get some new episodes out and I already have some great ideas to turn up the entertainment factor.

The blog is tank is running on fumes. Since there was no way of importing our content from a custom-built platform, its going to take a while to get the good entries back up and running. We did save the text from the more useful entries and I hope to get those back up and running.

Stay tuned!